International Yoga Classes/Mednarodni Joga Program

Why International Yoga Classes?

This classes unite people from all around the world under one roof, practicing yoga to physically feel better and slow down our active minds. They are led in english.

What kind of a practice it is?

The class is a Hatha Flow class. It is a dynamic class, with slow transitions so everyone can follow and with a personalised approach when it comes to improving our body postures. With cultivating a meditative mind through several breathing practices and visualisations, we will level up our skills how to deal with stress in our everyday lives. Its meant for beginners and intermediates in terms.

Aim of the class:
* to feel the international vibration;
* to share stories about our lives in order to grow the awareness how we can improve the general wellbeing through practice of Yoga and Meditation;
* to give you the tools how to manage your stress better;
* to help us improve our body posture in order to feel more healthy and fit in our everyday life;
* to relax, have fun and enjoy good music while practice.

When do we start:
On Wednesday, 2.10 @ 19:00. We are together till end of January. The semester lasts four months. 

Prices and other information:
The first few classes are free to try. You have time to decide on your own terms, don’t worry. Then the regular price for a 4-month semester is 160 eur (if you become/you are a member of Yoga Yama studio) and 200eur (non-member price). Payment options available upon request.

Everyone warmly welcome! 🙂